Report on the ENUMERATE Thematic Survey 2012

This work is the second of three efforts conducted by the ENUMERATE project to study the state of digitisation in EU member states. The first was a ‘general’ Core Survey 1 in 2012, and this will be followed by another similar Core Survey 2 in late 2013.

The aims of Thematic Survey were: to test some of questions asked in Core Survey 1 in order to improve them in Core Survey 2; and to show the qualitative results of a set of additional questions not asked in Core Survey 1.

The work was formulated by a series of workshops, throughout Europe, in 2012 on the topics:

  • Size and Growth of the Digital Heritage Collection;
  • Cost of Digital Cultural Heritage;
  • Measuring the Use and Impact of Digital Cultural Heritage;
  • Monitoring and Measuring Digital Preservation Practices.

These workshops, and other consultations, concluded that there should be three separate surveys on Access Size, and Cost2. The nature of these surveys varied in style and implementation. Implementation of the surveys took place in the first half of 2013.