Year: 2011
Reference group:

ENUMERATE Survey results

Who is involved in ENUMERATE?

Number of usable responses received in the surveys, by institution type. (n = 1951 for Core Survey 1, n = 1373 for Core Survey 2)

Participation by country. (n = 1951 for Core Survey 1, n = 1373 for Core Survey 2)

Value shown is the ratio of responses received divided by a target defined by ENUMERATE attending to each country cultural sector size.
Apologies to Cyprus, Monaco and Lichestein, which had an important participation in our surveys, but limitations to our charting library does not allow us to show its data.

Digital collections and digital strategy (n=1262)


Digitisation progress (n=1262)

This data does not include weighted averages, small and large institutions count for the same weight. Core survey 1 showed a result in the same range: 20% digitized and 57% to be digitized.

Collections - Object types found in the heritage collections of responding institutions (n=1248)

Number of responding institutions that have the specified object type within its collection.

Access options (n=905)

% of the collection accessible through different access channels.

Digital preservation (n=883)


Estimated annual expenditure (n=816)

This graph shows the average values obtained from these two questions :
  • Please estimate your annual expenditure on your digital collections (total cost of ownership)
  • Please estimate what percentage of the total annual expenditures can be assigned to incidental costs and what to structural costs.